Monday, October 1, 2012

Wiped out, wasted, wunderbar - Day 1

Munich, Germany  - Day 1

took this when I was drunk? I loved this one though.
It was a Friday. That I remembered. I remembered walking to the Oktoberfest venue, 20 minutes walk from our bed and breakfast (in Marienplatz). We went into a beer tent (we chose Ammer's - a smaller one) and got a seat inside no problem. They squeeze you into seats whenever possible, so we shared a table with few families and cheers together (that's the fun of Oktoberfest, meeting people). We don't understand anything they were saying and vice versa, but beer did the talking for us! Beers come in 1 liter mugs, if you want a smaller size, you pay the same so we had the 1 liter mugs each, by the second one, I was wiped out.

The crowd - and it's just 4pm

Me zoning out every now and then

Inside a tent

I couldn't really recall anything. I had moments where I remembered I spoke Deutsche and was pissed with the guard for not letting me pass to get into a restroom. I zoned out most of the time and remembered again at the end of the ferris wheel ride that I nearly threw up. Oktoberfest was an experience - my stomach wasn't feeling good for days after, Calvin thinks its the hangover~

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