Monday, August 15, 2011

To the Proud one

The LA arboretum trip was fantastic. Greeted by a peacock who is not afraid to flare out his feathers.  She walked by, he flared out his feathers. Ignored. Another walked by, he flared out his feathers. Again,ignored.

He tries hard, really really hard...But she's just not that into him. Maybe he did it for the camera or the peanuts?

Some people does not believe in failing, these are the ones determine not to give up.
What do you want so bad to not give up?
Giving up is easy to do. You might fail or you might not but having that kind of determination even when everyone else ridiculed you for what you believe in, that's true strength!

I'd like to dedicate these series of photos to the proud peacock who never gives up.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Look Ma, I can fly~

Recently, couzie Kylie took off to New Zealand on her new journey in college - plenty of reflections on my own journey here, four and a half years ago, leaving behind everything that's familiar to a newer path.

Familiarity is comforting because like a nest, you know what you're going back to. It makes you feel safe, secure, protected.  Some of us feel completely content not leaving the nest. Sometimes you just have to leave the nest, go out and take off. Where to go? When to stop?

If you're happy in your nest right now, that's perfectly fine. But maybe when it gets too comfortable, you want to soar. The life of a bird is really very much like ours if you think about it.

Remember - it doesn't really matter how far you spread your wings -  soar or stay, as long as you are what you want to be.