Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Remember Duck Hunt? Super Mario bros? Cool kids have Walkmans, cutting off Barbie dolls' hair thinking they'll regrow, watching Thunder cats, Tom and Jerry, and Leo the lion on that big chunky TV tube? You know you're an 80's baby when you were dying to get into the 'Babysitter's club'! Also,  'Kids fun club' mag from KFC used to be the HOT stuff to bring to school.

A recent photoshoot for a friend's nephew and niece brought back fond memories. The good ol' days of playing 'adults' with my sister, looked after my dear nieces and nephew (presently, some finishing high school and one went to college, how time flies!)

Living life in the fast lane for too long? Feeling weary all the time?

Remember when you were young?
Slow down and smell the roses, these kids in the photos sure did.