Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's a blooming in Venlo, Netherlands

So, from kaiserslautern, we journeyed on to Venlo to catch the Floriade (it's a world horticultural expo held once every ten years) before it ends on the 7th October. The next Floriade will be another 10 years =(

entrance to Floriade
nice arrangements in the Greenhouse
The weather was not too welcoming. It was pouring for the short few days we spent in Venlo, Netherlands. Didn't really stay in Venlo, we picked a place in Arcen (a nearby small town) instead because of the price. We can definitely feel a change in atmosphere - not feeling too welcome in the town and it is probably one of the smallest town we've ever been throughout the trip. First meal in town was not too good either and the hotel walls were too thin (of course, we were lucky enough to have a crying baby next door and a neighbor who slams doors all night long). Bus rides are somewhat pricey, 4 euro per person one way (should have just gotten the day pass but we didn't know then).

Dinner @ Lotus restaurant

How do you like a bell pepper so much?

all you can taste

The rain didn't dampen the spirits for the Floriade trip on our second day. Started the day early and most of the Floriade did not disappoint - inspirational! The other half however became a little too commercialised for my own liking. Calvin loved the 'free veg tasting' greenhouse - he got to try all sorts of tomatoes, mushrooms and bell peppers (they call them paprika here).

 Spent the whole day snapping pix and walking around enjoying the greenery before heading back to Arcen for the remainder of the day. Dinner tonight was fantastic! Rice! (okay, I cheat - I had a rice dish in Kaiserslautern but this one is different). Nice asian place tucked behind a back alley just a block behind the hotel - Lotus restaurant. Price for dinner in Netherlands has been on a higher side compare to Germany but at least the portion's generous. Compared to what we had for dinner the previous night, this was a good dinner to complete the day.

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