Friday, October 5, 2012

Long time coming~

The journey to Kaiserslautern, Germany had been a memorable one. It's been a long time coming, this meet up with our homies, Melissa and Oliver. I wasn't around when they wed (Calvin was) and my last time seeing them was during their engagement eons ago so I still think of them as newly weds.
Mel, Oli, Calvin - we all hiked up 300+ steps up!

Picturesque Heidelburg~

We arrived midday to Kaiserslautern from Munich, Mel greeted us at the train station and Oli met up with us after work. It is our first time visiting their apartment and the town itself, it was nice to see them again after so long - feels just like high school =) It's been a long time since feeling so well taken cared of, Mel and Oli both made sure we were well fed and comfortable during our stay and took the time to show us around town. The place is quaint and relaxing, which was exactly what we needed (we were really feeling the days of our energetic travels catching up on us physically and mentally now). Anyways, all of us went to Heidelburg the next day, just an hour and a half train ride away from Kaiserslautern (never heard of the place but it is a popular tourist spot).

Elderberry flower syrup cocktail! Me love!

one of the many pics Mel took for us. Thank you!
Walked around and visited the Schloss over there in Heidelburg, our second day was well spent. Mel and Oli took plenty of pictures for us, it was nice of them, we have been lazy carrying the tripod around for pictures of ourselves so we didn't really get many pictures together throughout our trip so this was great for us. I made a careless error with reservation to our next stop - Venlo, we ended up staying an additional night with them before heading out to Floriade. With a heavy heart, we bid these two good friends goodbye and journeyed on. Let's hope it won't be another 3 years before we meet again!

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