Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wiped out, wasted, wunderbar - Day 3

Sunday is a day where most shops close here (even departmental stores!), so it was the right choice to be on a bus trip out of Munich to Rothenburg. We had a detour stopover in a castle (Schloss Harburg) along the way (through the Romantic Road). This trip was our only guided tour, the bus was filled with a lot of Americans, we saw some Indonesians and a solo Japanese traveler. (Not having much luck in tours  (from our past experiences), we try to avoid being in a tour as much as possible but we gave this a shot anyways).

That's how you know a baker lives there
bus to Rothenburg
view from the Harburg castle

We began our journey in Munich from 8.30am before reaching the Harburg castle approximately 2 hours later. Harburg castle is surrounded with green hills and small towns - a good place to just relax and take pictures but I was looking forward to getting to Rothenburg. We reached Rothenburg in time for lunch and leisurely spent 3 hours there before making the journey back to Munich. A popular tourist stop, Rothenburg is a well-preserved old town and full of cute little shops (of course). Metal signs outside shops are a must see here, one can only imagine how much work is needed to get the details right for each sign.

Apotheke = pharmacy

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