Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


 Frisco - LA within 48 hours. Crazy? yes. but hey, that's how we girls roll.

It was a long drive getting there (thanks Francisca!), plenty of stops along the way and enough Starbucks to numb my bladder...

There's always a new surprise every trip up North. This time is no exception, time well spent with my dear Juanita (my canon, don't ask me why Juanita).

1) Trying to capture fond memories of places I went to during my last trip there with my guy.
2) Portraits

Can't do without the help of Francisca and her niece, Crystal, who are gracious (and patient) enough to be my first model. Its definitely a different vibe trying to take photos of a subject other than plants! Argh! Here are some of my favorite photos taken while I was there. Forgive my noobishness.

Pleasant surprise stopover. one of the missions on the way there.

Meet - Crystal

Always wanted to do this!

the view from Lombard st.

What it takes to get the Frisco cable cars going

Thursday, March 17, 2011

So Long, Winter.... Hello, Spring!

It was a hot Saturday, campus was pretty quiet and voila! Favorite shot so far... 
It's not a tree - it's a cell tower!  

Dear Los Angeles!

The very same field full of African daisies I took the first picture at.

Can't get enough of these guys...