Monday, February 20, 2012

Strong and Sturdy

The Sycamore, so strong, so sturdy and certain times of the year, extremely annoying (when leaves shed and clogged the ethnobotany pond every year). Over the short few years I'm here, I recalled countless unsatisfactory attempts on capturing the height, the strength of the sycamore but none stood out as much as these two. There's something about the branches reaching out from the trunk that reveals a different message to each person, to me, it brought back thoughts of the family.

My parents used to tell me, go far, venture out, don't stay back. I took their advice to heart and together with a lot of other problems, decided to leave the nest. The branches from this sycamore tells an important message: no matter how far you stretch out, you are still connected to that main trunk.

Parents: let go, wind and rain beat on the branches only made them stronger, you cannot hang on to them or shield them forever. Learn and let learn.
Yourself: Go far, yes, (if that's what you want) but remember no matter how far you stretch, be grateful for the love and support.

It's a topsy-turvy world