Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Place I Call Home

C'mon. You got to feel homesick at least once.
Homesickness hits me every now and then, knocking on my door, the thought of being surrounded by family and friends back home just stings every time a familiar holiday rolls by.

Thankfully, I'm lucky enough to have found lifelong friends whom I can depend on here in SoCal, people I know I'm going to miss once I do get home. You know who you are and Thank you.

BioTrek in a different shade

Greenhouse after the rain


Ethnobotany garden -BioTrek (Staghorn Cholla)
These past few days, with the cloudy weather and Fall slowly seeping in, I took these pictures of a place I call home in this corner of the world.

Yeap, guess that homesick-bug will always bite, regardless where I'll be  =)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outside your window

What do you see outside your window?

What would you rather see?

There are many things I want to see, places I want to be. Until it hits you that it's not really about what you want to see, it's who you want to see it with.

It was on a Saturday when the lighting was just right, hitting the plantation shutters in my room.
While running errands - wonderful sunset in Chino, CA, the lighting was too beautiful to resist.

It was a beautiful day - I tried my best to capture my moment in these photos to share with everyone I missed. Wish you guys re right here next to me. Until then, take care.