Monday, October 1, 2012

Wiped out, wasted, wunderbar - Day 2

Met up with Calvin's friend from couchsurfing, Tobias in the morning. Stomach still not feeling too great from yesterday's beer, so the day went slow and easy. Was ready to go and my only pair of pants ripped - been with me for few years now, my favorite pair too =(  So had to shop for a pair today. Tobias walked with us around for a while, had white sausage and hefeweisse in the morning with him, (some italians drink wine for breakfast, germans = beer).

surfin' (not) in the USA

Tobias showed us a park where you find surfers in the middle of Munich~ Surfing in the city - how do they do it? Well, this goes to show, if you want something bad enough, nothing can really stop you. He recommended us to visit a garden next to a palace - Schloss Nymperburg (I probably didn't spell this right). It started to rain a little, we have our umbrella with us now everyday, the weather in this part of the world has been cloudy and rainy. We took our sweet time just strolling before heading out to a shopping mall in OEK (the east shopping mall?). Day 2 was a slow day but a good one, plenty of rest and still trying hard to feel like normal again.

Palace Nymperburg - we didn't go inside, just the gardens

This guy stalked Calvin

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